Within these lines, you will find my heart, soul, hopes and dreams woven into every verse. I invite you to see the world in my eyes and to feel the emotions that run through me. Here, you will find more than just poems. Each piece is a reflection of my journey, an expression of my thoughts and emotions and a tribute to the power of art. You'll discover collaborations, with other creatives, stunning visuals, captivating images and moving videos that bring my poetry to life. 
Immerse yourself in my world of words and experience the beauty and magic that poetry can create when combined with other art forms  

Shot by Melanie Haas

Collaboration with Viva Con Agua South Africa 

Viva Con Agua is an organisation that focuses on providing and educating about the importance of water as a human right. As a poet, I was thrilled to collaborate with them to raise awareness on this crucial issue. 

In this collaboration, I worked closely with Viva Con Aga and Villa Viva to create a video that conveys the message. Through my poetry and the visuals in the video, we aimed to create a powerful message that would resonate with the viewers. Throughout the creative process, I was deeply moved by the mission and the work Viva Con Aga is doing globally. It was an honour to work with them and use my art to help raise awareness. 

I invite you to watch the collaboration video and to learn about the organisation and the work they do. By coming together and working towards a common goal, we can make a positive impact in the world and help ensure that water is recognised as a basic human right. 

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newspaper cut out

Shot by Michael Ogawa. Edited by Samantha Bhango

Seeing is Deceiving Freedom is
too poetic

I can break you with my words

Build you a castle with metaphors

I can control your medulla with verbs

Hypnotise you with anaphoric ironies

Entice you with hyperboles and let similes linger in your imagination

Then comfort you with euphemism.

While you wonder how to get home from the setting of my story.

Rae Lyric Tribute

Dear Rae Lyric (She of the Sun) 

Your celestial beauty plunged the darkest allies.
Your rays transcended human limits.
You vibrated in your own little world i confused for an immortal land.
Where you dwelled and magnified your existence and embraced yourself with metaphors, and “cosmic smokes” with less fucks given.
I was a mere petal ,stuck in a flower with a name i couldn’t pronounce.
Looking up at you,
Craving to feel your heat on my back.
A portion of your confidence on my lips.
But now the sun has set,
The darkness is over earth
But your words are imprinted on my memory forever.
“I cannot be contained!!”
She of the Sun
Even earth was not enough to contain your magic.
I hope there’s beer,kush,wine,incense and lots of poetry where you are.
I hope you looking down at me laughing “bitch you my son,why the fuck you crying!?”
I hope it feels like home where you are
Don’t burn it down!
See you soon Sun
Rest In Light.


We will grieve loudly for you,
We will scream out our pain like motherless kittens screaming for milk.
We shall be permitted to display reddened eyes and fallen faces,
And meaningless poems,
To try and pick up these cutting pieces to fill these empty spaces and questions
About your expectations of us to walk in your shoes with trembling toes.
The stage is seeking you in our attempts
Your ever potent presence and well marinated words,
To finish the book with blank pages, the instrumental melody seeking words.
To finish the story for you
Allow us then to grieve loudly for you
As loud as you lived.
#RestInLight Rae Lyric

Samantha Bhango Rae Lyric Tribute
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Samantha Bhango
I consciously rebelled against the rule book. I tore the pages and rewrote ancient laws on acceptable behaviour. Dared to paint a new image where I knew place. As a young girl, I knew my place, as a Black Woman, as a human being, I knew my place. Not according to old men with ached backs. Or older women with experience and survival on their lips. Or paintings on the streets of society about how I should carry myself. I decided to carry myself as high as my shoulders permit and laugh as loud as my high permits.I need no permission. The book is in my palms, the rules have to be mine. 

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