I can break you with my words
Build you a castle with metaphors
I can control your medulla with verbs
Hypnotise you with anaphoric ironies
Entice you with hyperboles and let similes linger in your imagination
Then comfort you with euphemism.
While you wonder how to get home from the setting of my story.


Shot by Melanie Haas

Nothing Loved Can Be Forgotten 

Nothing loved can be forgotten.

Memories of you are like scattered stars on the clear skies of my mind.

We counted the stars together.

We conversed about the galaxies.

The peculiarity of the constellations.

These conversations linger in all existing things.

You exist everywhere I go.

In all things I touch. 

Muffled sounds of passing strangers sound familiar.

I am convinced all things mimic you.

Nothing loved can be forgotten.

How could I forget you when staring at the moon reminds me of you. 

Rae Lyric Tribute

Dear Rae Lyric (She of the Sun) 

Your celestial beauty plunged the darkest allies.
Your rays transcended human limits.
You vibrated in your own little world i confused for an immortal land.
Where you dwelled and magnified your existence and embraced yourself with metaphors, and “cosmic smokes” with less fucks given.
I was a mere petal ,stuck in a flower with a name i couldn’t pronounce.
Looking up at you,
Craving to feel your heat on my back.
A portion of your confidence on my lips.
But now the sun has set,
The darkness is over earth
But your words are imprinted on my memory forever.
“I cannot be contained!!”
She of the Sun
Even earth was not enough to contain your magic.
I hope there’s beer,kush,wine,incense and lots of poetry where you are.
I hope you looking down at me laughing “bitch you my son,why the fuck you crying!?”
I hope it feels like home where you are
Don’t burn it down!
See you soon Sun
Rest In Light.


We will grieve loudly for you,
We will scream out our pain like motherless kittens screaming for milk.
We shall be permitted to display reddened eyes and fallen faces,
And meaningless poems,
To try and pick up these cutting pieces to fill these empty spaces and questions
About your expectations of us to walk in your shoes with trembling toes.
The stage is seeking you in our attempts
Your ever potent presence and well marinated words,
To finish the book with blank pages, the instrumental melody seeking words.
To finish the story for you
Allow us then to grieve loudly for you
As loud as you lived.
#RestInLight Rae Lyric

Ecclesiastes 1

Or maybe the knowledge of the after life is known only by those who have left earth.
Maybe death is not meant to be understood,
Or questioned.
Maybe its just as meaningless as life itself
We are all born to die,
Living through the day but looking forward to the night,
Confined and conformed for the coffin,
Not a day will the sun not set and not a night will the sun not rise
But still we die,
Freedom is believing, carefulness is deceiving.
Death calls on humanity,
We are victims of life heading straight to the grave.
Maybe death is the reason we are born.
Or maybe it’s just as meaningless as life itself.

Samantha Bhango Rae Lyric Tribute
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Forgetting Home 

You lay in my womb,
Gathered all the strength to face the adversities,
Now you are out .
You think the hole between my thighs is a sign of emptiness.
You want to forcefully take down the gate that once led you home.
Remember oh dear son,
I am the wings that once embraced your fragile body.
I am the beginning of your being.
The hate you now give is not from my breast.


The fear of expression is slow poison;
Not only does it birth doubt which kills your freedom slowly,
But it silences the truth within you.
When one learns to speak without fear,they learn to be gods.

Samantha Bhango

Tormenting Lessons 

You taught me how to befriend ghosts
How to make gravesites home.
How to not think everyone has thoughts like my own
Or love like i know.
You showed me death in the eyes of passing strangers.

I knew from your words that the world is not like it seems
Broken souls cross paths and the prayers of many are wavering on the air searching for the heavens on thin air
You lessons dwelled in dark places i visited often when i wanted to play catch with demons
In the gardens known only by those with faint marks of permanent scars that are tattooed beyond their skin.

It was you who took my light
You dragged me with your luring eyes to pits of darkness
Surrounded by hopelessness ,scared of breathing and feeling less
You numbed me with your fists and with your words you killed the god in me
Convinced me that my happiness lay in the palm of your hands
That my only desire should be dancing to the rhythm of your hands landing on my face

You were a ghost with gravesites in your soul
You tamed my thoughts to be in sync with yours
You knew nothing about love
And i saw death whenever you blinked.

Your pessimistic words painted a world with no hope
You were a Creator of broken souls and the gods stopped answering prayers from your dirty lips
So you attempted resurrection.
You were the dark place
You were a garden for little monsters and all demons knew you by name
Your broken state found solace in creating other broken souls
They all had traces of you ,the mark of the beast.

I washed it all off
Your fists, your words, your existence.
No longer will I be known as your possession.
I receded from your manipulations
I am not your victim
I survived you.